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8 Foods That Boost Testosterone

Posted on June 25 2020

8 Foods That Boost Testosterone

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Wanting to know the foods that boost testosterone is one of the most highly searched terms when it comes to men's health.

It's right up there with what are the main foods that kill testosterone levels.

And whether you know it or not, the foods you (or don't eat) are 100% affecting the amount of active testosterone in your body.

Now, whether or not you see this as a problem is none of my business.......


8 Foods That Boost Testosterone

.......I have yet to meet a man who is happy knowing he has low testosterone.

.......I have yet to meet a man who is happy with his belly fat...

.......I have yet to meet a man who is happy with the fact he is depressed because of low testosterone.

.......I have yet to meet a man who is happy he can't lose weight.

.......I have yet to meet a man who is happy with the fact he can't build muscle.

I think you get the picture

That said, if you are happy:

  • Being overweight
  • Depressed
  • You can't build any muscle
  • You can't lose belly fat

...then it's not worth you reading further.

Because what you are going to learn by the end of this post is how to eat in a way that gives you every chance to raise your testosterone level which also includes using herbs that increase testosterone.

If you read right until the end, there are a few other suggestions that will also improve your testosterone levels.

And it's also a good idea to know what are the foods that kill testosterone levels because knowing what to eat is just as important as knowing what NOT to eat.

1 - Garlic

Now, garlic doesn't exactly have any properties that directly boosts your testosterone.

But, what it does have a property that reduces the amount of your stress hormone, cortisol.

This unique property is called allicin.

And because garlic contains allicin, it directly lowers the amount of cortisol in your body. 

In turn, it allows for more of the active compound of testosterone to circulate your body.

2 - Coconut Produce

Whether you use coconut oil to cook, or the milk of a coconut to make smoothies, the saturated fat within coconuts helps produce testosterone.

Most men don't know this...

...but the amount of saturated fat is directly linked to the amount of free testosterone (the active part) in your body.

So, the more saturated fat (up to a point) you have in your diet, the more testosterone you produce.

A great tip for using coconut produce as part of your diet or even a morning coffee, is to include some herbs that increase testosterone into your coffee.


3 - Broccoli

Even guys who are the least bit interested in nutrition will know that eating broccoli is good for their health...

...but still won't eat it.

But, little do they know that this superfood acts in a way that will naturally increase your testosterone levels

You see, broccoli helps remove all excess amount of estrogen in mine and your bodies.


This is important as estrogen competes with testosterone, and stops your testosterone from being active.

As broccoli contains a compound called Indole-3-carbinol, it actively removes estradiol from our bodies.

By broccoli removing the female dominant hormone from our bodies, we have more of the active part of testosterone within us.

4 - Eggs

When I say eggs, I mean the whole egg.

You are not a woman.

You are a man, so
eat like one.

The egg yolk is one of the richest sources of protein, vitamins, cholesterol, and minerals that can be found in a food.

Firstly, do not be put off by the cholesterol in the egg.

Despite what you've been told, this is not one of those foods that kill testosterone levels. 


It's with the use of cholesterol that testosterone is actually formed. 

Additionally, the cholesterol that's in eggs is exogenous, meaning its from outside the body.

And this will have no impact on your blood markers.

Secondly, eggs contain Vitamin D. Believe it or not, you and I need vitamin D, and not just from the sun.

You see, in order for testosterone to produce in the way it's supposed to, vitamin D, and the right amount of cholesterol need to be present.

Lastly, I know not everyone like eggs. And so if this is you, why not include some herbs that increase testosterone on to your eggs for extra flavour?

5 - Coffee

You'll be surprised to learn that coffee doesn't make it on to most peoples list of foods that naturally boost testosterone.

They could be forgiven for making this mistake, as coffee can increase cortisol in our bodies.

But, the lasting effect of cortisol from coffee is very short-lived.

And interestingly, does not have the same impact that stress-induced cortisol release.

You see, coffee can up-regulate, and increase something called cAMP.

When this happens, it increases the amount of free testosterone that produced.

​If you've not caught up with the Testosterone Blueprint I created I deep dive into creating a morning routine for optimal testosterone. 

​And one of the aspects is to use the coffee mixture that's inside the blueprint. Mostly, it's full of herbs that increase testosterone as well some highly potent mushrooms.

Honestly, it sounds a bit weird, but it tastes super good and a great way to increase testosterone.

6 - Bacon

Bacon.....ah bacon!

My absolute favourite breakfast food.

When it comes to bacon, ignore the naysayers.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with bacon, especially when it comes to increasing testosterone.

You've probably already seen that bacon has fat in it, right?

But, with the fat also comes cholesterol.

And, as we mentioned above, both of these are essential when producing testosterone.

The only caveat I would say is to eat organic bacon.

If you're eating nothing else that's organic, make sure it's bacon.

Because of the way non-organic pigs are raised and what they are fed on, it can cause a problem for us men.

All the soy, grains, and whatever other nasty food they have been fed, when the fat of the bacon is cooked...

...and we eat it - we consume what the pig ate.

This is because all the toxins are stored in the fat of the animal, and when cooked, gets released.

7 - Real Butter

Do not mistake real butter with, butter, margarine, or some other crappy spread that isn't even real food.

What we are talking about here is real butter that comes from grass-fed cows.

You see, when real butter is produced from cows that are bread the right way, it contains everything us men need to produce testosterone.

For example:

  • Saturated fat.
  • Vitamin D.
  • Vitamin E.
  • Vitamin K2.
  • Vitamin A.

These are fat soluble vitamins that play a role in testosterone production.

Quick Tip. I personally add a dash of butter to my coffee in the mornings, which I then blend with organic cacao powder and a bunch of other
herbs that increase testosterone.

And as if by magic, this leads us nicely into our last item.

8 - Raw Cacao Powder

Now, note the difference here...

...there is one keyword at the start of the title, that isn't usually seen when most people talk about cacao.


You see, the difference is between raw cacao, and cacao, is all in the processing.

Anything that isn't in the raw format will lose the anti-oxidant properties which aid in lowering blood pressure and controlling blood glucose levels.

With raw cacao being high in saturated fat, it is this key point that helps produce the active form of testosterone.