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Shipping Policies

All Domestic Shipping is a Flat Rate of 9.99 and all domestic orders over 125.00 get FREE shipping. 

All orders are shipped within 24-48 hours of being placed and are sent USPS Priority Mail, and in rare larger order circumstances, 

UPS Ground.International Shipping Policy 

The following are our International Shipping Rates.We do our best to eat the costs on this somewhat for you and all orders are shipped 24-48 hours of being placed.Due to customs varying country to country, times of delivery will vary depending on customs clearance. 

WORLD WIDE (223 countries and regions) 

34.99 Flat Rate Shipping  


19.99 Flat Rate Shipping

 We cannot predict possible customs fees associated with our orders or include them in our pricing, so please be aware of possible customs fees in your area.