Doing These 3 Things Can Transform Your Life!

Doing These 3 Things Can Transform Your Life!

This is quite the title I must say, but it’s something I find to be very true. I’m not going to write pages of content before sharing these 3 things and this isn’t a sales pitch for anything other then sharing stuff I have learned in my life and from many books, from very successful people in life. Without further ado the 3 things are:

1. Make Our Bed
2. Re-rack Our Weights
3. Return Our Shopping Carts

The straight forward reason why these 3 things are so important is because they are, by appearance, small things and they really hold no real world repercussions if they’re not done.
You see though, these are so important to me because they represent our ability to do the work when we don’t have to. I believe we must do the small things in life well if we are ever going to have an opportunity to do the big things because it takes doing many small things over and over in order to do the big things! I also believe many of us lack the mental toughness to finish things and that’s why I’m always using the phrase “Finish It” whether it be in wrestling or everyday life, because it is what separates the winners and doers from the losers and pretenders.

Another reason these 3 things are important to me is because I believe they represent compassion and our ability to put others in front of ourselves for the betterment of everyone. Having a strong 'do the work' mindset takes daily practice and doing these 3 things over and over makes the mind strong and carries over to other areas of our life over time. I’ve heard many excuses on why some people think they’re doing the world a great service leaving their shopping carts scattered all over parking lots and it’s all utter bullshit and a true reflection of where they are mentally. I have news for those of you who think that, you’re not keeping shopping cart returners employed, they’re coming to get the carts regardless of if you put them in the cart returns you’re supposed to or if you leave them blocking parking spots, in little islands, or wherever else you feel justified leaving them other than the cart returns. Re-racking our weights may not apply to everyone if you don’t workout, but it directly relates to my life and taking that extra bit of time to “Finish It” is of utter importance in everything I do in my life. Making our beds represents order and structure for me and I firmly believe that when we take time to keep our environment clean and in order, that it will carry over to many other areas of life. If we skimp out on making our beds because it’s “Not Important” I wonder how many other things we will justify as “Not Important” in our lives. I constantly tell people I’m not just in the supplement business, but the Self Empowerment Business and that entails Supplementation, Nutrition and Mindset. If you find yourselves not doing these things, please start trying and see if you start seeing some pretty cool changes over time, it certainly won’t hurt you that much, I can assure you!