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A Message From Ryback

Thank you for stopping by My name is Ryback Reeves and Feed Me More Nutrition is one of the things I’m extremely passionate about. Our goal is to give you ultra premium supplements that work at an affordable price. Unfortunately, the supplement business is like the majority of businesses in life where there is a mix of some good, and a lot of bad. I can’t control what other businesses do, but I can control what we do here at Feed Me More Nutrition. Our price margins are much lower than most supplement companies, and this isn’t my main source of income. I truly despise what most supplement companies do by producing dirt cheap supplements that don’t work and selling them for high price margins, under dosing their supplements, using performance enhanced bodybuilders, athletes and figure models to promote their brand, and a host of other lies and deceptions to trick you into a one-time buy of their supplements. I have created a brand I am proud of and want you to feel comfortable returning time and time again because you know you can trust and count on Feed Me More Nutrition. All of our supplements are free of artificial sweeteners and colors  and we use more natural, proven ingredients to help you reach your fitness goals. Get Hungry, Stay Hungry, Feed Me More!

-Ryback Reeves

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Did you know Aspartame and Sucralose are two Artificial Sweeteners commonly used in many diet products. But also, the majority of other supplement companies use these cheap man made sweeteners in their powdered formulas like Proteins, BCAA’s and Pre Workouts. I personally cut them out 8 years ago as I was consuming them morning to night in all my supplements. I suffered from blackouts when standing, feeling like a zombie waking up no matter how much sleep I got and blurry vision. I did some research and quickly realized that Aspartame and Sucralose kept popping up for these symptoms I was having. I cut them out and within weeks I was completely better. This is just my story and you may or may not have similar symptoms or even be aware that there is a problem, but I started making my own custom supplements with Stevia or simply unflavored and that was the beginning stages of Feed Me More Nutrition. You don’t see many supplement companies using Stevia or Monk Fruit like Feed Me More Nutrition because it is more expensive than Aspartame and Sucralose and those two sweeteners actually taste great and are addicting from my own experience. I believe it’s better to be safe and that as a business we have a responsibility to take care of our customers and give them our very best. We may be a newer company, but we want our customers to be able to trust us and know they are getting the highest quality supplement with any of our Feed Me More Nutrition Products. Below are some common reported side effects of Aspartame and Sucralose, just so you can be aware if you suffer from any of these. There are conflicting reports at times, but personally experiencing the negative side effects myself, I feel better knowing I’m not selling something bad to other human beings, thank you.

Potential Aspartame Side Effects

* cancer.
* seizures.
* headaches.
* depression.
* attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
* dizziness.
* weight gain.
* birth defects.

Potential Sucralose Side Effects

• Increases weight gain and fat storage
• Actually increases your appetite
• Increases cravings for carbohydrates
• Digestion Issues
• Disrupts Intestinal Flora
• Prevents Absorption of Medication
• Headaches
• Causes an Insulin Response