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Get To Know Our Feed Me More Nutrition Brand Ambassadors

Susy Ann Oliver

What age did you start working out?
After my firstpregnancy,

How often do you train every week?
6 times a week

What is your favorite exercise if you could pick just one?
I really love ABS workouts

What kind of diet do youfollow that works best for you?
I don’t follow a specific diet, Itry to cut down on carbs and sugar as much as I can, but my diet consists mainlyof fish, salad, and veggies.

What do you like about Feed Me MoreNutrition?
What I like the most about Feed Me More nutritionsupplements are to have the certainty that they are going to be the key for meto achieve my objectives without giving me any bad side effects, they are reallyeffective!

What is your favorite Feed Me More NutritionSupplement and why?
I really like them all, but I have twofavorites, the fat burner because it really burns all the fat in my body and thepre-workout that gives me the energy that I need without that feeling that myheart is beating too fast, and it also does not make my stomach sick!

If you could give people one piece of advice in life you have learnedwhat would that be?
I would say “never give up on a dream, don’t lethate stop you, believe in yourself, know your worth, love yourself, be gratefuland do what makes you truly happy!”

Where can we find you onsocial media?
You can find me on Instagram@susyannoliver