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Do you have a strong social media presence and want to earn money, along with a $200.00 allowance on Feed Me More Nutrition Supplements per month?

We are looking for drug-free athletes and people who care not only about their fitness, but their health.  We are typically looking for people with not only a strong social media following, but great interaction.

If approved, we will provide you with your own 10% Off discount code for, where you will earn $100.00 cash for every 20 sales of Feed Me More Nutrition Supplements with your code.  Included is a Feed Me More Nutrition Starter Kit with accessories provided, and your first month's supplements.

We are looking for motivated individuals to help raise brand awareness and who strongly believe in the brand.  Brand Ambassadors will be featured on The Big Guy Ryback's social media from time to time, as we want to help you grow your following for helping the Feed Me More brand.

Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability, and you will be contacted if we feel you are a good fit, thank you.