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Shell Shock Extreme Fat Burner


Shell Shock Extreme Fat Burner

If you're frustrated with the lack of results you've seen from other fat burners, get ready to be shocked at how quickly you will blast fat in the most stubborn of places with Feed Me More Nutrition's Shell Shock Extreme Fat Burner.

No unwanted side effects that come along with other fat burners on the market. All-natural ingredients, when combined synergistically at the proper dosages, obliterate fat for the 3 counts! Includes all-star studs like Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean, Apple Cider Vinegar, Capsimax, Acai Berry and many more powerful ingredients personally used and created by The Big Guy Ryback.

Suggested Use:

Take four pills twice daily, preferably with meals. One serving in the morning and one serving in the afternoon. For extreme fat burning, take 4 pills four times daily. Do not exceed 16 pills in a 24 hour period.