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GTS Natural Sleep Formula


GTS Go To Sleep will put you down for the 3 count time and time again. This ultra high powered Natural Sleep formula is one of a kind, and we have packed More ingredients as always into this amazing Sleep Aid. Sleep is the most important thing for many of us, yet it is the one thing that seems to allude many of us. With GTS you get the best night’s rest time and time again. Sleep deep, wake up refreshed and ready to attack the day with GTS Go To Sleep High Powered Sleep Aid by Feed Me More Nutrition.

 Benefits of GTS Sleep Aid 

•Normalized Sleep Pattern
•Better REM Sleep
•No Morning Hangover 
•May Help with Insomnia
•Enhanced Relaxation 

Suggested Use: 30-60 minutes before bed, take 6 capsules with water or as directed by your health care physician.