Is he going back? What was the deal with the "Pre Show Stopper" belt? Any harsh feelings against Punk? What is the exception to the law of attraction? How did Cabana podcast affect his career? What is the real story regarding his exit? All this and more will be answered...



Russo and Ryback podcast (part 1 and 2)

March 2, 2017  

RUSSO and RYBACK (part 1).  On this very special episode of THE BRAND, Vince has a lengthy discussion in Part 1 of his interview with FORMER WWE SUPERSTAR RYBACK. As candid as candid can be, Ryback openly discusses his time at WWE and his reasons to eventually leave the company.


RYBACK RAW (part 2).  Vince concludes the 2nd part of his interview with "The Big Guy" Ryback, as the former WWE superstar opens up on such topics as being a good soldier when the product sucks, money being no issue when VKM wants to !@#$ with you, and WWE using people and him hating himself for believing Triple H.



















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