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How to Increase Your Pre Workout Energy and Improve Your Gains

Posted on October 29 2020

How to Increase Your Pre Workout Energy and Improve Your Gains

It's every lifter's worst nightmare; you're on the way to the gym, but you just aren't feeling it. Energy levels are down, you're feeling lethargic, and the weights just aren't moving like they usually do. Looking for more energy for your workouts is a universal quest for gym-goers, as you’re always trying to find the right edge and help you maximize your gains. Various routines, natural ingredients, and supplements can help you boost your energy levels for your next workout. 

Infographic showing how to boost energy before your workout.

Dial In Rest and Recovery

Sleep has proven itself a crucial part of getting the most out of your workouts. By sleeping the recommended amount every night, you allow your body to recover from the hard workouts you put yourself through while ensuring you have the energy you need for your next workout. If you aren't taking care of yourself after your workouts, you can't be at your best for the next one. 

Food Choices Matter

The phrase "you can't outwork a bad diet" applies to your energy levels, along with your nutrition and workout goals. You can prioritize certain foods in your diet that can help improve your energy levels during your workouts. Fruits such as bananas, watermelon, pineapple, and the like provide you with natural sugars to help fuel you throughout the day and prior to your next workout. Unlike added sugar, these fruits also provide your system with additional fiber, vitamins, and minerals to boost energy levels and provide you with a balanced diet needed to maximize your gains moving forward. 

Coffee and Green Tea Extract

Caffeine's well-documented status as a beneficial stimulant goes beyond waking you up in the morning before getting into work. When taken an hour before your next workout, caffeine provides you with a boost of energy to help power through even the hardest of workouts. Coffee and green tea extract are some of the most common forms of supplemental caffeine that people have used to get that extra energy boost before their next workout.

Energy Supplements 

Sometimes even the dialed-in nutrition, sleep schedule, and coffee intake aren't enough to get you through your next workout at the levels you want. In the face of this predicament, you do have some options to help give you that needed boost. Feed Me More's Wake Up Energy zero-calorie pre-workout powder gives you that extra oomph you need to power through the next grueling workout. Made without artificial sweeteners or added colors, Wake Up Energy provides you with a Keto and Intermittent Fasting friendly supplement that won't throw your macros out of whack.  

Everyone needs a little extra energy boost from time to time, especially for intense workouts. Understanding the variety of options you have to boost your energy levels is crucial to ensure that you get the most out of your next workout. With the help of Feed Me More Nutrition's Wake Up Energy and our line of aspartame-free protein powders, you can take your energy levels and your subsequent workouts to the next level!