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How I Solved My Sleep Problems Forever

How I Solved My Sleep Problems Forever
By Ryback Reeves

The life of a pro wrestler is unlike anything else in the world. Living in airplanes, hotel rooms, arenas, rental cars and learning to live Groundhog Day over and over, 5 days a week, and sometimes for weeks at a time without a day off. Let’s not forget learning to live daily with nonstop pain and tightness from wrecking your body relentlessly, and living off coffee to stay awake on days you get very little rest. With this lifestyle the most important thing to keep going is to get enough sleep and be able to recover, and it’s often the one thing that gets neglected the most.

I remember it started so innocently, I would simply pop a Benadryl to wind down towards the end of the evening after performing in front of thousands and being watched by millions across the globe on TV, and then driving 3-5 hours to the next town, usually having a cup or 2 of coffee to ensure I didn’t fall asleep at the wheel. I would pop a Benadryl when I was about 15 minutes away from the hotel so it would start working by the time I got in and situated. This worked beautifully for a while, but I always noticed I felt groggy in the morning despite how well I slept. I then started needing 2 Benadryls to get to sleep, which led to stacking NyQuil with Benadryl, and eventually on nights when I was extra wired I would drink 1-2 beers with the Benadryl and NyQuil just to get my system to start winding down. I would say this is still harmless compared to the stories I’ve heard of wrestlers in the past, but you can see a trend here where it all kept adding up and then waking up after taking all this stuff was just brutal. Feeling foggy and taking hours and large amounts of caffeine to fully feel awake just didn’t sit well with me, as I’ve always tried to be as healthy as possible, despite some of these bad habits.

Cue my desire to create a sleep formula, much like I did along the way with my other supplements. As the owner of Feed Me More Nutrition, my story is a bit different from that of other supplement companies, as my brand is an extension of me and my disdain for the supplement companies selling for profit only. I started making my own formulas in my mid 20s for myself, because I could see what it was all about and I felt that if we could sell to do good then it would be a good form of capitalism. I truly believe that this mindset would solve a lot of the world's problems if it were implemented across the board, but that’s another blog for another time.

I started researching natural sleep ingredients that were proven to work and, much like I figured with my other formulas along the way, the one thing I found was that nearly all companies and sleep products would give you one ingredient at the proper dosage, but the “blend” or supporting ingredients just never were enough to do the job. I also was obsessed with recovery and found that ZMA Zinc Magnesium Aspartate was fantastic at helping with this, and would actually make a great sleep product with other key powerful ingredients. So I began my quest for the perfect sleep aid that would give me deep natural sleep with no morning hangover feeling by formulating individual ingredients at the research proven dosages. I eventually found after a year of trial and error that the following combination of ingredients gave me exactly what I wanted!

I would take the ingredients about an hour before bed, and they would give me a very natural "I need to lie down and go to sleep (thus the name GTS) feeling"; then I would wake up feeling amazing, with no morning hangover or fogginess. This was huge for me and got me off the Benadryl and NyQuil; I did not even need any alcohol prior to going to bed to relax. Eventually, when I created Feed Me More Nutrition the one thing I was a little hesitant on was the capsule count on some of our formulas, as we use more ingredients and the correct dosages, so nothing is a 1-capsule miracle. In order to create supplements that work, we have to use a lot more ingredients that work synergistically together to give the desired result. I knew deep down though that if I could give people a product that actually works and solves their problems the capsule count wouldn’t be an issue, and that theory has proven to be true for me. Also, many of our customers only need half the dosage to be put to sleep, so essentially they’re getting a 2-month supply in that situation; but, as for myself, I need the full dosage and it works beautifully time and time again! If you would like to learn more about our GTS Go To Sleep High-Powered Sleep Aid, you can click below and read further on the ingredients we use and see if it’s something that might benefit you. We also offer a Money Back Policy, because I want people to be satisfied with our products. I just ask you please give it a fair chance, and I think you won’t regret it. I also want to mention our product costs are 3-5X cheaper than those of other companies; I don’t charge the price we probably should for our products, because the one thing I always hated as a customer was having to pay a lot more for quality. Quite frankly, I’m happy with my margins and don’t need to be greedy in a sector that is supposed to be about helping people. So don’t be alarmed at our lower prices, that is a belief of mine and my quest for a "capitalism for good" for all. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think after trying it!